Can it be true? It is all over Facebook and Twitter, so it has to be true. Did the Tiger blood cease to flow through the veins of  Charlie Sheen? The heart of the 45-year-old former Two and a Half Men star seems to have stopped just as he was starting to win. Read on to find out the truth.
Posts of Charlie Sheen began popping up all over Facebook and Twitter about the actor being found in his home apparently dead from a heart attack. With the wild man acting the way he has lately, it's somewhat easy to believe. From his horn-dog ways, to his cocaine and alcohol mixture that he used as an explanation for destroying a hotel room.

But what is the truth behind all these social network posts? Sheen has yet to respond via Twitter. Can it be true? NO! Just a very well planned and thought out virus scam. It seems that when clicking on the post, you are taken to a fake YouTube page with a video. Clicking on any part of this screen will cause a virus to infect your Facebook page and cause you to send the post to all of your FB friends. Completing the short survey accompanying the virus could cause a virus to be downloaded into your computer.

There is some good news and bad news. The good news is clicking this Downloadsquad link will show you how to remove the virus if you have clicked on the post, and the bad news is...Charlie is very much alive. He might be alive but your computer might not be. Click the link to fix the problem.