The 59-year-old underwent an emergency appendectomy earlier this month, although he tried to persuade doctors to let him play, that night’s show before his surgery, just proving how tough he really is. Now a Bon Jovi spokesperson reports he experienced severe abdominal pain following that incident, and it was found he requires another surgery the removal of his gallbladder. Jon Bon Jovi says: “Tico has been the heart and soul of our band since we started 30 years ago. He’s also one tough SOB. We look forward to him pounding away brilliantly on the remainder of this and future tours.

”Tico Torres adds: “There is nothing that can prepare one for a medical emergency, but I have been taken especially good care of. I’d again like to thank all my doctors and health care professionals. I am very disappointed not to be able to perform, but you are in good hands.” Rich Scannella, the drummer in Bon Jovi’s side-project,The Kings Of Suburbia, will sit behind the kit, until Tico Torres is healthy enough to return.