Ever since Avenged Sevenfold drummer Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan died in December of 2009, fans have been wondering if the band will ever make a new album.  In a recent interview with UK magazine Kerrang!, frontman M. Shadows said that he is eager to get into the studio to start working on the band's sixth studio album.

“We’ll start thinking about the next record pretty soon,” revealed Shadows.  “I get this need for us to prove ourselves again.  I get anxious and excited about it, so I’m looking forward to starting on that next summer.  So we’ll write in the summer, which will be a big, important thing, but I’ve got no idea when we’ll release it,” said Shadows.

Shadows added that he thinks of Sullivan every time they perform live.  “It’s been nearly two years, so we have a better perspective on life,” noted Shadows.  “We still miss Jimmy so much, but we’re happy to remember him with the fans by playing his and our songs every night.  It’s not as sad as it used to be, it’s more joyous now.  If we hadn’t gone back out there, we’d still be in a dark hole, so I’m really proud of the guys for getting up and getting out there.”