Back in 2009 Slash chose Alter Bridge frontman Myles Kennedy to sing on his debut solo album, Slash,  and now they are  teaming up again for its follow-up. Myles told MTV where they are at in the process.  Hear the audio after the jump.

Kennedy only sang one song on Slash's debut album, but he will handle all the vocals for the new one. Ozzy and Chris Cornell were among the other singers on the album. reports on what Kennedy said about being asked to sing lead vocals on the entire album:

It's very flattering. I think there's kind of a cool thing we got going. We really enjoy working with each other. I know they're auditioning singers now for VELVET REVOLVER, so I don't know if they find the right guy if that'll affect things timing-wise. I'm not really sure. But the plan right now is that yeah, we'll do a record together down the road.

It's good to know that Slash will be recording his second solo album before the end of the year!