I only bombed on one pick -- Bears at New Orleans. I missed the spread on the Cowboys game but hey -- a win is a win. As for the Cowboys -- the Romo haters are quiet today.

Kitna actually was better than I expected. I can't stress enough how hard it is to come off the bench like that but his 2 INTs were bad (one in the end zone, the other on about the Dallas 40yard line)-- that's probably a 10 point swing. More post game re-cap after the jump.

Without Romo coming back in, the odds of the Cowboys winning were slim to none. I don't care if Troy Aikman and Roger Staubach had a baby that payed QB for Dallas, he wouldn't be able to get much done with that lack of running game.

Felix Jones has a separated shoulder, the O-line is banged up, the DBs are hurt, and Dez Bryant is limited. The Cowboys are in bad shape injury wise, but 3 consecutive games against teams that went 6-10 last year may help.

The one HUGE, MASSIVE, GLARING hole is their running game.