There is a zombie apocalypse brewing whether we want to admit it or not. First, there was a guy eating faces and now people are throwing their insides at one another.

Look, we’ve all wanted to give a cop a piece of our mind but this went one step further — threwing pieces of his own skin and intestines at police officers who were trying to subdue him. Yes, intestines!

Authorities in Hackensack, New Jersey responding to reports of a man with a knife barricading himself in his home and threatening to hurt himself. The officers kicked in the door and found 43-year-old Wayne Carter in a corner. Not THAT Wayne Carter.

When asked to relinquish the weapon, Carter refused and stood up and began to stab himself about his body. He shouted at the cops and took an aggressive stance, so they tried to use pepper spray to stop him.  That had no effect on him, as he then began to cut off swatches (let’s say swatches to lighten it up a bit) of his skin and hurl them at the officers.  It’s a zombie apocalypse if we’ve ever seen one!

He was eventually taken into custody by the Bergen County SWAT team and brought to a hospital, where he remains in critical condition. His prior record includes aggravated assault charges and, you guessed it, resisting arrest.

Drugs or mental illness are thought to be the cause, but officials are not ruling out zombie fever.

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