I love Elvis. And I understand that if you love Elvis, you may not find this funny at all. But this IS funny.

It comes from a YouTube channel called Why Nauts. They don't have many videos but they are all short comedy bits. None are as funny as this. They really seem more like some frat brothers videoing their inside jokes that only a few will get.

But I digress.

This forty eight second video is not enough. They are covering the heavy metal band Disturbed and their song "Down With The Sickness". You have three of the dudes as the band. Having one playing a Rock Band video game drum kit makes it even better.

But the lead singer is the forth member of the group as Elvis. There needs to be a full video of them doing this for the whole song.

Every time I watch this, my stomach hurts from laughing. Which makes the soreness of returning to the gym after a month off that much more prevalent, but it's worth it.

Enjoy the view and I hope you got as much entertainment out of this as I did.

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