If you really want that new fancy new tablet, take your driver's license with you to buy it.

According to KHOU, Texas has a new law that kicks in next January, that will allow a store to decline your credit card purchase if you forget your ID. 

Not every store asks for an ID when we make a credit or debit card purchase now, but they have the right to do it as a way of cutting down on fraud.  Up until now, the stores didn't have the power to decline a transaction, but starting in January, 2018 the store will be able to cancel a purchase if we can't produce an ID, if and when they ask. [Texas Tribune]

Can you imagine having a cart full of groceries and not being able to check out?  Most of the time we've got our IDs with us, but there might be times when we go to the store armed with nothing but our credit cards.  That could doom our backyard barbecues, and upset some friends waiting on us to return to the house with the burgers and beer.

It sounds like this could be at the store's discretion -- whether to ask for the ID or not -- and whether or not they will actually turn down a transaction if we don't have it remains to be seen.  A lot of it is based on the store's relationship with the credit card companies, and what they work out in terms of the ID requirement.

If you always have your ID in your pocket or purse, then no worries!  You'll have it when you need it.  But if you're the forgetful type and you like to shop, you might have some trouble starting in 2018.  We'll be waiting at your house with the barbecue fixins, hoping it turns out just fine. And remember about expired IDs. Those normally don't count when you're confirming your identity.

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