I've been getting ready to jump head first into attempting to buy a home here in East Texas but everyone has been warning me that the market is INSANE right now with everyone scrambling to find a home.

While the housing market in Texas has also spiraled into insanity, at least we can be thankful we don't live up North because the crazy is REAL out there when it comes to real estate. So much so, folks are resorting to selling damn near CONDEMNED properties to make a buck.

We take you now to Melrose, Massachusetts to give you a tour inside this "fixer upper" with the help of CBS Boston.

That's right folks, you and your family can move right on in today for the low price of $399,000!!

I didn't think it was real at first but baby, its listed on SEVERAL websites for sale. I pulled it up on Realtor.com just to verify.


The 3 bedroom one and half bath home was built in 1960. It is over 1800 square feet and the lot it sits upon is 4,500 square feet. But you really gotta love the description on this:

ATTENTION CONTRACTORS! This home suffered a fire that damaged the front facade. House is in need of a complete renovation or potential tear down and rebuild. Buyer to do due diligence. House being sold as is. Great potential to build a new and adorable home in desirable Melrose, a town where property values continue to rise, boasting a thriving downtown, a commuter rail to Boston, excellent schools and multiple restaurants, coffee houses and local boutiques.

Never mind that you're getting a house that's burned down in the front, THE SCHOOLS, RESTAURANTS AND BOUTIQUES is where its at am I right? Since I still have your attention, let's take a look around first before you call your lender.

Realtor.com/Monte Marrocco

Just a little damage from the fire, but take a closer look as someone placed a cute little pumpkin on the porch. Martha Stewart would be proud.

Realtor.com/Monte Marrocco

Luckily the BACK of the house looks presentable, maybe this where you invite your guests to enter.

Realtor.com/Monte Marrocco

Of course AFTER you do some mowing and landscaping.

Realtor.com/Monte Marrocco

Okay, A LOT of mowing and landscaping...and foundation repair....and a possible exorcism to boot. So be thankful for your little humble abode right now and maybe wait a few years for this nonsense to settle down or you can go ahead and put in an offer on these cheap homes in Texas.

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