The average couple hasn't had a vacation in seven months, and for most, it's been longer than that.  So, it's time to hit the road to save the relationship!  How about a long road trip to Yellowstone?

I took my daughter to Yellowstone two years ago, and the images are still with me.  Literally, because they're on my phone.  But when I shuffle through those pictures, I can't help but want to beam myself back there and soak in the atmosphere.  The Tetons are gorgeous, the air is crisp, and the hot springs are, well, dangerous.

Any guess exactly how hot this "hot spring" is?

Yellowstone has several of these hot water features around Old Faithful in the western side of the park, but we saw this steamy bed on the eastern side at a place called West Thumb.

Part of Yellowstone sits on a volcano in Wyoming, and that means some odd landscape features pop up creating steam, mud bubbles, and super hot mini-lakes.  The tour guide told me that this one reaches 221 degrees Celsius, which would be over 400 degrees Fahrenheit.  Ouch.  It looks so blue and inviting.  But ouch.  Even in the winter with 10 to 12 feet snow all around, this little water feature is still hot and steamy.

Six in ten people have canceled travel plans this year because of the pandemic.  The average couple hasn't taken a vacation in seven months, and for those with kids, it's been eleven months.  It's time.

How long is the drive from East Texas to Yellowstone?  Well, I've done it, and it requires a huge stash of almonds and beef jerky and a lot of music.  It's a 21 hour and 28-minute trek across half of America, and it's not a road trip for little kids who will constantly ask if you're there yet because you'll go nuts.  But if you have the time and you want a trip that will really get you away from it all, this is a good one.  If not now, then next spring when you're even more ready to shake off the pandemic.

Some lodges at Yellowstone are still closed, but most of the features and campgrounds are open.  You can always check HERE before you head out.

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