Wilson Dickson used to be in charge of making the USS LSM-51 run. He was an engineer on the LSM-51 (landing ship medium) while assigned in the Asiatic Pacific from November 1944 through July of 1945. He loves talking about his commitment to his country, trying new things everyday and meeting new people. His family told KLTV Reporter Alex Leroux that he "loves people and a real social butterfly".


Mr. Dickson will be 100 years old on Wednesday November 20th and his daughter-in-law Dora Dickson has made it known through Facebook that she would like anyone that would take the time, to shower her father-in-law with birthday cards of appreciation for his service and/or his accomplishment of getting to this ultimate plateau of a lifetime. If this man's name sounds familier, Dickson is the grandfather of Samantha Watkins, the 18 year old Kilgore high school student that inspired "Sam's Law" after an epileptic seizure took her life in 2016. Dickson's photos alongside his granddaughter were highly publicized after news of her death in December of 2016.


For all of us that struggle for the right words to express our gratitude for the sacrifices of our veterans, here's a chance of a lifetime. There is a 100 year old WW 2 veteran at the address below that would spend as much time as possible reading your notes of love and respect. Do it. Take the time. Happy Birthday Wilson Dickson, a hundred times over. Thank God you stayed here till we all had this chance to say Thank You for our opportunity to express how we feel.

Send your cards to Dickson on this 100th occasion of his birthday,

Wilson Dickson

P.O. Box 1204

Kilgore, Texas


Big special Thanks to Alex and KLTV for giving us all a heads up on a beautiful opportunity.

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