Thieves are getting wiser these days, and we all need to be vigilant when it comes to protecting our property.

ABC News did a report years ago and I recently stumbled upon a similar report that suggested we put tinfoil around our vehicle keys.

Vehicles now are predominately keyless upon entry and while the technology is great and convenient, it can allow thieves to gain access to your vehicle.

According to the report, thieves are now using radio devices to steal the signal from your keys while you have them in your possession.

With the use of a relay box, an automobile thief can steal the signal from your key and gain access to your vehicle to enter and steal it.


Now, security experts like Holly Hubert suggest that we wrap our keys in tinfoil to protect the signal that they can transmit.

The foil wrapped around the key(s) will prevent potential thieves from gaining access to the signal, the foil acts as a protective barrier.

In recent years we have seen a significant uptick in vehicle thefts, and while many often leave the doors to their vehicle unlocked, thieves do have other ways to gain access to the vehicle you purchased.

Some people have even purchased wallets for years so that scammers cannot gain access to their credit or debit cards. This works the same.

If you don't want to have your keys wrapped in tinfoil, you can always purchase a Faraday bag, which also protects any signals coming from your devices or keys.


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