I love a good facial. There is something so relaxing about it. But I think I would draw the line at this.

This is becoming all the rage. It's a snail facial. A salon in Jordan has folks lining up to give it a go. Suheil Sweidan says the naturally produced slime of Giant African Land snails will rejuvenate your skin and he has clients coming back over and over for this specialty treatment.

Jordan is not the only place this is popular. It's very popular in Japan and other Asian countries, but it's also catching on in the UK too.

It seems women are willing to try just about anything to try to look younger.

So how much is a snail facial? The average price around the globe is $250 dollars for the treatment.

I think I'll pass on this one, but if it's your thing, knock yourself out.

The folks pushing this alternative skin care treatment say snail mucus is known to have nutrients and antioxidants that can actually contribute to youthful skin. But leading dermatologists don't buy the treatment and say it's likely a passing fad.

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