Been saying it for years, but glad we have facts to back me up.


I know Texans aren't ready to have this conversation, but you guys can't drive. I have driven all over this great country of ours and once I see that 'Welcome to Texas' sign, the rules of the road need no longer apply. By the way, I have not been to Houston. I have been told that is the worst of the worst when it comes to Texas drivers. I'm glad to see that the numbers have my back.

Texas Ranks at Number One for Worst Drivers in America

Our friends at recently did a story on preventable car accidents in every state. Several factors went into this. For instance, drunk drivers, people on their phone while driving. That sort of thing. So how bad was Texas on the list?

Texas Received a Perfect 100 on the Survey

That's right, we did not get .01 point deducted for us. Texas got 100.0 out of 100.0 possible points. Nobody and I repeat nobody in the country even got in the 90's for a possible score. Louisiana came in as the second worst state for preventable accidents and they got a score of 89.32

Road Rage in Texas?

I just happened to notice another story they did on road rage and surprisingly Texas is in the bottom five for this survey. Hell, I feel like we do a road rage video every other day on our site, check some out here. So remember Texans, don't drink and drive. Also get the f*** off your phone while driving. Not too much to ask for.

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