This is rather embarrassing!

When I usually go into Walmart it's usually for one thing and $150 later at the checkout it has me rethinking about my life decisions.

Well a Galveston woman and decided to make a quick stop at Walmart and her stay was a little longer than expected after getting trapped inside the store.

According to ABC 13, Sarah Luke who was suffering from laryngitis was picking up medicine before she went inside the garden area, but didn't realize the store was closing and got accidentally locked inside for almost an hour.

She thought an employee had seen her inside the area, but she was also wearing a green shirt  so she might have blended in with the plants.

Whenever someone came by, I just started knocking on the door, waving my arms around!

Sarah then called her mom and mom contacted the front desk of the store and the authorities were contacted to the store.

Walmart was terribly sorry about the incident and gave Sarah a gift card and plant for the mishap.




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