The conversation started in the hallway at the 96X studios today, as we were wondering and laughing about which band was wimpier, Creed or Nickelback?

Now not to make fun, but these bands have had some questions come up in the years of whether they can really be considered rock bands. Yes, they have had some wimpy songs, but they both have sold millions of albums. But they have also put out a couple good rock songs.

First, we will talk about Creed. Hailing from Tallahassee, Fla., and formed in 1995, these guys had a pretty good line up. They had good studio albums "My Own Prision" and "Human Clay," the first two released. And at the least they had two good rock with "What If" and "Torn."

For Nickleback, they have had some solid albums. And say what you want, but Nickelback has staying power to keep music pumping thru today. They had some chart-topping albums like "Silver Side Up" and "The Long Road." The two most notable rockers include "Figured You Out" and "Burn It To The Ground."

But, both bands get a lot of flak for being too "poppy" and nowhere near rock enough.

So, lets get to it! Who is wimpier?

Creed: 'My Own Prison'

Nickelback: 'Figured You Out'