Ladies, we are the champions!  Someone added up the number of selfies taken across the globe, and we gals take more selfies than guys do.  Not surprised!  I snapped this one with my daughter yesterday just cuz.

I think guys take more bathroom mirror selfies (if the dating websites are any indication), but overall we ladies take more selfies and post them online.  And it's not just East Texas!  It's across the globe, from Moscow to Berlin to New York, according to Selfiecity, a project analyzing the Instagram self portraits.

The average age of the selfie taker is 23, and the group also found out that women tilt their heads at a sharper angle than guys do.  It's sexy, right?!  Apparently it's a little girlie to tilt one's head because guys don't do it as much.  Find a head-tilting guy in a selfie, and that's a sensitive guy I say.  I'm looking for it.

Selfiecity also found that guys over 30 are more likely to upload selfies than women of the same age.

Inspired to take a selfie?  Now which filter should be use....we want to look tan.