The city of Tyler outlawed alcohol sales in 1901. In 1909, the city voted again to remain dry. Ten years later, the 18th amendment prohibited alcohol sales across the nation. Prohibition ended in 1933, but Tyler chose to remain dry and has been ever since.

Until now.

Voters in the city of Tyler overwhelmingly approved on Tuesday two propositions, one of which will allow beer and wine sales in Precinct 2 of Tyler. Businesses in Precinct 2 will be allowed to sell beer and wine only for off-premise consumption.

But when will we be able to buy beer and wine in Tyler?

According to Buy Local First, a political action committee that started the petitions to get the propositions on the Election Day ballots, we will likely have to wait until after the first of 2013 until we can buy beer and wine at grocery stores, supermarkets and convenience stores.

Buy Local First also said in a news release:

We expect those who will apply for licenses will be able to begin selling after the first of the year as it typically takes from 45-60 days for the licenses to go through the proper review process. The process entails requiring the local City Secretary and County Clerk to confirm the retailer is located in a 'wet' area and then the license goes to the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) for final approval.

Tuesday night's election proved historic for residents in the city of Tyler. The votes also means restaurants and bars in newly annexed parts of Precinct 2 will no longer have to abide by private club rules.

Click here to see a map of Precinct 2 in Tyler, where alcohol sales will be allowed.