They were pressed with the tall task of finding the best dive bars in all 50 states, and I'm sure they just hated doing the painstaking research and eating all that great food and drinking interesting concoctions for weeks on end.

What's your favorite dive?  Most people have been to the one ranked the best in Texas at some point in their lives.

Yahoo Travel pegs Gruene Hall as the best dive bar in all of Texas.  It's in Comal County in Central Texas along the Guadalupe River, and it's the oldest dance hall in the state.  When I was there, I remember it smelling a little a college frat had thrown a party at my Grandma's house.  Like old creaky wooden floors had been hosed down with beer.  And it was awesome.  Bands fall all over themselves to play Gruene Hall, and the crowds always show up, regardless of the drive.

What makes a bar a "dive" anyway?  The casual vibe?  Holes in the walls and eclectic art?  I don't have the answers, I'm just askin'.  I do know this -- dive bars are never new!  They've been around long enough to have lots of character, which may mean spilled beer and holes in the walls.  And we wouldn't have it any other way.

Road trip anyone?  It may take a month or two, but it might be fun hitting these diners and dives, and comparing notes with our boyfriends, and maybe Guy Fieri.

Congrats Gruene Hall, on making the distinguished list.

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