Whataburger pulled out all the stops for a couple celebrating their 62nd wedding anniversary. Denora and B.J. Morman got married in 1957 according to newschannel10.com. As devoted to each as they are, they are just as devoted to their local Whataburger in Lubbock.

The couple stops by the same Whataburger twice a day, every day. That's right, twice a day, every day.

The Morman's became close to those who work there. So much so that, according to newschannel10.com, "they have become their adoptive grandchildren." And the employees consider then their pseudo grandparents.

When those Whataburger learned of their anniversary, they took the time to decorate a booth with balloons, table cloth, flowers and even a cake, all Whataburger themed of course. The Morman's loved it. B.J. commented, "This is the ultimate treatment you get as a customer, but I like to call it friendship."

Kudos to this Whataburger team and congratulations to the Morman's on their 62nd anniversary.

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