If you enjoy gazing up at the wide open Texas skies, you'll want to be looking up during the incoming supermoon on Sunday, December 3.

If you who don’t know what a supermoon is or haven't experienced one in person, it's when a full moon occurs when the moon is at its closest distance-wise to Earth, which makes it appear brighter and bigger than usual.

From KHOU, the astronomical term for a supermoon is "perigee syzygy" (Syzygy is when the sun, moon and Earth are all aligned in a straight line).  supermoons don’t very often because of the moon’s orbit changes orientation as the Earth goes around the sun. In fact the one coming up is arguably the only one we'll see in the year 2017, according to Fox News and EarthSky.

National Geographic reports the show will begin with the December full moon, which officially occurs at 9:47 am CST Sunday (Dec 3). As the day moves into night, the moon will appear 7 percent larger and 16 percent brighter than usual, and will be at its closest lunar point to earth at 3 a.m. CST on Monday.

December's supermoon will be the fourth of 2017 by some definitions but other scientists use the closest moon in a 14-month cycle and declare only one supermoon per year. So... in this case, it's a supermoon to everyone! Don't forget to look up!

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