At the beginning of the weekend, a ban was threatening to end TikTok, but it looks like the app will survive for now. If they don't get things completely worked out, what would a ban be like for East Texas users?

Millions of users of TikTok and WeChat were wondering what to expect after the announcement that the Trump administration would ban the apps.  That would have meant new users in the U.S. would no longer be able to download either app. Those who already have TikTok or WeChat would not have lost access to the apps right away but they would stop receiving updates.  And then on November 12, the Commerce Department planned to ban phone and internet providers from hosting the app completely over U.S. national security concerns.

It looks like all of that is on hold, at least for now.

TikTok has 100 million users and is fighting hard to stay afloat and active, and a deal was worked out over the weekend that will keep the app alive.  President Trump said he approved of a deal in principle for the software company Oracle to buy the app, and that will effectively keep the ban from happening.  Under the deal, a new company called TikTok Global will be based in the US and take over processing and storage for all US-based TikTok users.  Walmart could also be involved in the transaction.

So, TikTok users.  You're in the clear for now.

On a side note, dentists and people with sensitive teeth are horrified that some TikTok users are reshaping their teeth with nail files.  That's been trending, along with delicious and coveted restaurant secret recipes.  Back to the mindless, fun, odd, and slightly painful posts this week.

And of course, we'll keep you updated.

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