Debating who your first-round pick should be, when you should pick a wide receiver or trying to figure out if you should select a running back coming back from a torn ACL are important decisions when gearing up for your fantasy football season.

But they’re not the most important. has come with its list of the top trending fantasy football team names. Fans everywhere have Anthony Weiner to thank for inspiration because Carlos Danger pulls up in the top spot.

The list is filled with clever names, but we thought we’d throw our hat into the ring – how about the Andrew Feelin’ Luckys? RG3PO? The Brady Bunch (it’s an oldie at this point, but still a goodie)?

Top 10 Fantasy Football Team Names

1. Carlos Danger
2. Show me your TDs
3. TBD
4. Da Bears
5. Heisenberg
6. Cowboys
7. Steel Curtain
8. Victorious Secret
9. Prestige Worlwide
10. Big Blue

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