I remember, growing up, they used to clear out the swimming pool when there was lightning. Pretty sure they still do that. Do they clear out Topgolf courses for the same?

"When I saw the lightning bolt my first instinct was to run,' Gomez said. 'I slipped on the wet floor and was just happy I caught myself...I was just glad that it {lightning} hit the ball instead of me,' Gomez said via The Daily Mail.

Anyway, this kid ought to play the lottery, 18-year-old Tomas Gomez is racking up views on TikTok and Instagram after this remarkably unlikely video that is going viral. It takes place at Topgolf in San Antonio, and moments after launching a golf ball into the air, the kid's ball was struck down by lightning.

This dude do something to tick off Thor? Does he get a mulligan?

"Immediately following the strike, we followed our safety protocol and everyone was moved inside. We typically don't have guests evacuate the building, but instead bring everyone inside until the storm passes," a rep from the company shared with Daily Mail.

This happened at Topgolf San Antonio, which shared the video on its Instagram account, they said the ball was traveling 88 miles per hour when it was struck.

Wait, what?

That's exactly how fast Marty McFly and Emmitt Brown had to get their time-traveling DeLorean up to in "Back to The Future," right?  You know what that likely means? The ball, it's somewhere in the past right now trying like hell not get kissed by it's mom and get back to the future.

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