He turned 82 on Oct. 28, but Charlie Daniels continues to exhibit the same drive and tenacity that made us stand with him long ago.

Daniels, who is a member of 4 different Halls Of Fame, has the distinction of having his song, "It Hurts Me" recorded by Elvis Presley in 1964; and he recently released his second book entitled, Let’s All Make The Day Count-The Everyday Wisdom of Charlie Daniels.

The fiddle master returns to Mesquite on Nov. 30, and we want you to see him in person with comped seats to the Mesquite Arena. Sign up, sign in and register for your chance to win!

Contest ends Nov. 27 at midnight, and winners will be notified Nov. 28. So Make This Day Count - sign up to see “The Man” LIVE at your Rock Nation Account now or at Classic Rock 961.com!

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