We've got some good ones in Texas.  The Mesquite Skeeters. The Texas City Stingarees.

Texas schools have some awesome school pride, and this is your chance to show some love for your high school or college mascot.

We've got funny mascots in Texas like the aforementioned Skeeters, and the Calhoun Sand Crabs.  And some opportunistic ones like the Frost Polar Bears and the Mulestown Mules.  The mascot that's the hardest to pronounce might be the Nazareth Swifts.  Say that five times fast.

The mascot at my high school back in Nebraska was the Pirate, and we always liked it because it wasn't too common and it was still kinda fierce.  Tigers, Cowboys, Bulldogs, Cardinals, Eagles, Rams, Knights, Panthers, and Bears  are some of the most common, and that doesn't make them bad choices.  It just makes them, well...common. But hey, each school has a unique twist on their mascot, which makes them unique in their own way.

What school in East Texas has the most mascot pride?  Who is the silliest?  Which mascot is the most visible in parades and at events?

This is your chance to get behind your school or your child's team mascot, and show some love to that guy or girl who has to spend hours inside that hot costume on the sidelines of a hot August football game. Some of our East Texas mascots have a blast on the sidelines and in the stands and they get the fans and athletes in the mood to kick some butt, and we'd love to show them some appreciation on social media.

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