Gene Simmons didn't mince words when he recently made it clear he has no intention of ever working with former Kiss guitarist Vinnie Vincent again. But in his response to Simmons' remarks, Vincent opted to focus on the positive aspects of his brief tenure in the band.

As Kiss fans are aware, Vincent's early '80s stint in the group was nothing if not turbulent, and the personality conflicts that contributed to his departure were still waiting to flare up a decade later, when he briefly returned to the fold to contribute songwriting to the band's Revenge LP. Vincent has weathered his own personal and professional storms in the ensuing years, but he remains a part of the Kiss legacy — something he'll embrace with an appearance at the Atlanta Kiss Expo in January.

But if Vincent has made peace with his place in the Kiss firmament, it's still a chapter Simmons seems to regret. While admitting the guitarist is "a very talented guy," he responded to a recent query regarding a reunion by shrugging, "Everybody’s got their troubles in life. You can’t fix everything. I’m a big supporter of his talent – you know, go with God, enjoy life, be happy. But I don’t need more dark clouds over my life."

The two men have clearly had their differences. But in a statement issued in response to Simmons' remarks, Vincent offered only praise for his former bandmates — and the music they made together.

"I love and respect Gene Simmons like a brother, and have nothing but the fondest of memories working with him and Paul Stanley," reads Vincent's response. "Ours was a very special chemistry. We made one hell of a great band, and the magic we made together is timeless. I am proud of our work and the songs we wrote that appeared on the Creatures of the Night, Lick It Up and Revenge albums that became Kiss classics, and are staples of their live shows to this day."

It's that legacy, Vincent added, that he intends to celebrate in Atlanta in early 2018. "We brought happiness to the fans with performances and songs that will live on," he noted. "I am appearing in person at the Atlanta Kiss Expo to celebrate Kiss, embrace our music and our time, and share good will with the fans. And for all of the above, I wish both Gene and Paul nothing but the best."

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