Per ABC Houston there is a vending machine at the Houston Museum of Natural Sciences that offers bugs to their guests.  This vending machine has everything from chocolate covered bugs, scorpions, ants, meal worms to even chips made of ground cricket flower….YUCK!

Now I know you are probably saying I wouldn’t be caught eating any bugs and they couldn’t be making any money.  However, contrary to popular belief the vending machine is very popular and makes a lot of money.

I don’t know about you, but I’ll stick to getting Cheetos out of the vending machine at my office.

What about you. Would you eat bugs from a vending machine?

Erin Mills, Cockrell Butterfly Center’s Director said:

Most people think it’s pretty gross, and a lot of people can’t believe that people would purposely eat insects.  Once they realize that it’s popular with children, they start daring their friends to do it.

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