The internet was outraged yesterday regarding a viral video that appears to show two adults giving a baby shots of alcohol in a hotel room.  A Facebook user in Tuscumbia, Alabama discovered the video on a discarded SD card and uploaded it to his social media account in hopes of identifying the parents.

Authorities in Alabama were contacted shortly after the video made its debut and police were able to identify the father in the video as Dennis Flanagan of Florence, Alabama.  Once members of the Facebook community were made aware of his name, they quickly flooded his page with angry comments, to which Mr. Flanagan responded with his own post:


Authorities now believe that the video was taken in Louisiana and they have since contacted Louisiana Family Services.

Investigators also believe that the video is several years old and that the baby is now 5.

Reaction to the video, while mostly hostile toward the adults, also included some comments that agreed with Flanagan regarding alcohol being a time-honored, soothing remedy for teething babies.

While this may be true, medical professionals contacted regarding the video have noted that it is 2016, not 1916.  There are certainly much better medicines available today to assist babies through the teething process.

"In the short term they're at risk for alcohol toxicity which can cause respiratory distress and gastrointestinal problems," said Kristina Morris, Nurse Practitioner at Crestwood Medical Center in Alabama.

No amount of alcohol is thought to be safe for an infant's consumption.

Over 100,000 people have viewed the video.

The recording shows the baby drinking what looks to be alcohol and at least two adults proudly exchanging comments about the incident.

The baby coughs several times before drinking more of the unknown substance.

“He liked it! He’s going back for more,” a voice can be heard saying in the background.

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