Tragedy has struck U2, as word got out that the mother of guitarist the Edge has passed away earlier this week.

The Evening Herald reports that Gwenda Evans died on Monday after suffering from an unspecified illness. She was in her late 70s. Evans lived in the north Dublin, Ireland suburb of Malahide with her husband of five decades, Garvin. A private funeral service is expected to be held later this week.

The Edge’s mother played a significant role during the early years of U2. In fact, Evans was the band’s very first roadie. “Mrs. Edge was always there. She had an orange Volkswagen, she picked up our gear and she never complained,” singer Bono told the Herald.

Back in 2008, Evans gushed about how her family was musically inclined at a young age. ”Both my husband and I are very musical, in that we both sing in the local choir,” she said. “I used to sing to the children, so he [Edge] had a good ear for music at a very young age.”

“He started playing when he was 14 — once Edge got the guitar in his hands, he wouldn’t put the blooming thing down. And we’d be saying, ‘Would you shush now a minute, we just want to hear the news.’”

Independent Woman reports that Bono and his wife Ali Hewson met the Edge in Dublin’s Dylan Hotel. The guitarist was spotted at the hotel, carrying a Bible, from which it is believed he was deciding on scriptures for his mother’s funeral service. Drummer Larry Mullins and bassist Adam Clayton are expected to attend as well.


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