An inspirational story has come from an unexpected place...the Gladewater Rodeo!

It's hard enough to be a kid in today's world, and even harder when dealt an additional blow like Type 1 Diabetes. So when Abby Daniel, recently diagnosed, had a chance meeting with fellow Type 1 Ethan it changed her whole outlook, and she decided to announce it loud and proud on social media!

Abby is 16, and was diagnosed last September. Ethan has battled Type 1 for much longer, but this was the first time he'd seen someone else with a DEXCOM. Their instant camaraderie sparked a viral response, inspiring others to proudly show the medical device and open up about the condition.

Ethan's mom told me the two are awed by the impact of their story, and are planning to do more to raise awareness about Type 1.

For more information or to find others in East Texas with Type 1, visit the Longview Type 1, or Tyler Type 1 Diabetes Foundations.

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