Our friends in Houston may be happy right now about their Astros winning the World Series, but there are still things to be sad about too.  Houston is one of the worst places in the entire US for drivers.

I haven't been to Houston in a while, but every time one of my friends returns from a road trip to Houston I hear the same thing.  "The traffic is terrible!"  There are many things to love about Houston, but the time it takes to get from point A to point B isn't one of them.

new study from Globe Newswire says Houston is officially one of the worst places in the country for traffic issues. Houston got the worst grade on its public transportation for a lack of rails and Ls and subways, and other things that other cities like New York and Chicago make good use of.  Outside of that, Houston's congestion and long commute times make it one of the worst places in the US to drive says the Chron.  So we've got it good here.  Or at least it could be worse.

What are the worst spots in Tyler for congestion?  Our office is close to Brookside Drive and the Loop in South Tyler and we might occasionally complain about the having to wait to get through that intersection, but it's probably not the worst spot around town.  You could probably make the argument that any spot on Loop 323 makes us want to stress eat and take a muscle relaxer sometimes.

All of it is better than Houston, so we've got very little to complain about overall.  That guy that cuts you off on 69 or forgets to use a blinker on South Broadway is a good driver after all.

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