Congratulations to our Tyler Tigers Blind Beep Baseball team, they are on their way to represent us in the World Series of Blind Beep Baseball.

Yes, it is called Blind Beep Baseball because the players are legally blind. Some are completely blind while others sight is not all there and then you have the players who can see perfectly however they are the pitcher and the catcher.

This is probably taking you by surprise a little and I understand. The first time I got a call from Larry and Rosie Reed I couldn't believe what I was hearing. The wanted me to interview them about their organization the Tyler TIgers Blind Beep Baseball Team and it took hours for me to grasp the whole concept. Larry and Rosie are both legally blind and are very passionate about the sport. After we did the interview, I had to go out and see this for myself.

There was a regional Beep Baseball Tournament in Tyler in October that the organization has every year to bring awareness about Beep Baseball and Breast Cancer. About 8 teams showed up and when I tell you they play harder than the pros, they all came for smoke. The reason why the sport is called Beep Baseball is because the baseball actually beeps. This is how the non-seeing players adjust to hit the ball with their bat and how they locate the ball for a catch. I know it is a lot to take in. Make sure you mark your calendar for this years game in October.

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Right now we have to congratulate our Tyler Tigers because they rank #8 in the nation and are on their way to Wichita, Kansas for the National Beep Baseball Association World Series. This of course is not their first time going. They are really a great team and if my memory stands correct they have even won the title before.


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