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Once you get up, get going, and head out the door in the morning you might make a quick stop at a donut shop in Tyler, Texas as part of your morning routine as you head off to work. Getting that fluffy pillowy donut and dunking it in a hot cup of coffee might just be the thing to get your morning going. If doing this is a part of your morning routine, you'll want to pay close attention to this week's restaurant inspections from NET Health.

This donut shop cranks out a variety of donuts, kolaches, and breakfast sandwiches every day. Plain, glazed, chocolate-covered, filled, cinnamon rolls and more are available from the display cases for customers each day. This morning (October 4th) the establishment was paid a visit by a NET Health inspector. While all restaurants strive for a '0' score on their inspection, this particular donut shop scored a 19.

Looking at the list of recent scores given to Northeast Texas restaurants, this is one of the highest scores they've given in a few weeks, the only higher score given was a 20 back on September 13th to Oak Hills Terrace Memory Care.

Food safety is very important when it comes to serving food to the public. Inspectors look over the entire restaurant because it's not just the kitchen that can lead to a bad grade. The condition of the building, ceiling, and restroom facilities are also taken into account along with worker hygiene and how clean the restaurant is in general. Of course, the inspectors are looking at how food is handled, prepared, held, and stored.

Let's take a look at the latest health inspection grades given to Tyler area restaurants, convenience stores, schools, and daycares by NET Health. For more specific details on any score or reason why the restaurant received the score they did check out the NET Heath site as it is updated as inspections are completed.

Take A Look At These Restaurant Inspection Reports From NET Health (10.04.23)

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NET Health Inspected 18 Tyler Restaurants, Check Out The Results (09.19.23)

Let's take a look at the latest restaurant inspection reports from NET Health from September 11th - 19th. The goal is to have a score of '0'. Those locations with a higher score had more issues within their location that needed to be addressed. You can visit the NET Health site to see why these food establishments received the score that they did.

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