Beware, drivers in East Texas! The Tyler Police Department is cracking down on red light violators and it could cost you more than just a few pennies if you are not careful.

The Selective Traffic Enforcement Program (STEP) - a state funded program - is targeting busy intersections throughout East Texas to crack down on red light violators due to the amount of traffic during the holiday season.  People may be shopping or have family and friends in town, which could lead to inpatient drivers. And that can be dangerous.

Red light violators who are caught will pay a fine of $301 and the same rules apply for making a right turn if you don’t come to a complete stop. This year alone the Tyler Police Department issued 3,749 traffic citations for red light violations and the number of accidents caused by red light violations are at 161.

The enforcement program will take place until January 15th so please be careful while driving and give yourself enough time to arrive at your destination on time and most importantly don’t run a red light.

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