There is no doubt that bullying is a huge problem in our schools today. I was just talking with a co-worker this week about that very subject. Not that there was no bullying when I was in school, but today there are so many other avenue's for bully's to do their thing. I mean social media, for example, is a way they can take their bullying outside of the school yard and push it so much farther than what we had to deal with when I was a kid.

Tyler ISD recognizes the problem and is training the district's team of principals today (August 10). The training is in a effort to make all TISD campuses "Bully Free Zones." These are campuses where all students understand that bullying is not tolerated and can and will be reported.

TISD has a link on each of it's campus websites where students can anonymously report bullying. I'm glad TISD is making this such a priority.