It's your chance to view rare coins, and if you have a coin or currency collection the Coin Show will give you a chance to see what they're worth.  We've heard a lot about the coin shortage, and maybe this is where all that change went!

When I was a kid, my dad would give me a coin and tell me to look at the year it was minted, and then challenge me to find coins minted in as many years as possible and add them to my collection.  He started with quarters, and then he gave me nickels, pennies, and dimes and it kept me busy all summer.  Wouldn't you know, he was able to get his work done in the garage without me getting in the way, and I ended up with a massive coin collection. It turns out that coin collecting is a great diversion for kids who spend too much time shadowing their dads, and it might be worth something too.

Here are the details for this weekend's 13th Annual Tyler Coin Show:

Friday, August 13, 2020: 12pm-5pm
Saturday, August 14, 2020: 9am-5pm
Sponsored by: The Tyler Coin Club
UT-Tyler Ornelas Activity Center (new location)
3402 Old Omen Rd
Tyler, TX 75707

Some of the coin collectors that will be set up include:

 Arkansas Coin and Bullion -  Broken Arrow, OK
 Baton Rouge Coin & Currency -  Baton Rouge, LA
 Major Tucker's Coin and Bullion -  Broken Arrow, OK
 Texas Gold N Silver -  Granbury, TX

Organizers say on the City of Tyler website that admission is free, and then you can meander through over fifty tables displaying coins, currency, tokens, and even gold and silver.  They'll give free verbal appraisals and then you'll know if there's a need to investigate the value of your collection a little further.

Now, where in the world did I put that coin collection!  I'll check the garage, and meet you there.

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