School districts across Texas have been graded using lots of public info, plus reviews from parents, neighbors, and students.  Tyler and Longview schools aren't even among the top 350 school districts in Texas!  What are we doing wrong?  See how low we rank, and start making your case now to give them a boost.

The website, Niche, ranked schools using info like teacher pay, ACT and SAT scores, state test results, absenteeism,  diversity, clubs and activities, expenses per student, sports participation, student reviews, and more.

Let's start with the bright side.  The Longview ISD ranks #382 in Texas. There are more than 900 school districts in Texas, so Longview is just out of the top third.  At least Longview is in the top half overall, and Niche says Longview does get some love for it's diversity and teacher satisfaction.

The Longview ISD ranks #51 out of 986 school districts when it comes to having the most diversity, and ranks #239 among the best places to teach in Texas.


The Tyler ISD ranks #551 overall, among school districts in the state, and Tyler's highest ranking is #59 on the most diverse list.  If you've found a teacher in Tyler that you love that's fantastic!  We know we've got a lot of super, hard-working teachers in Tyler that are having big impacts on our kids' lives.  But, according to Niche, Tyler ranks #783 of 984 districts for having the best teachers. That must mean there are so many awesome teachers in Texas that not everyone can be ranked as elite.  But there are some bad reviews and you can check them out HERE.

Students in Tyler are 66 percent proficient in reading, and 64 percent proficient in math. In Longview, it's 71 percent proficient in reading, and 70 percent proficient in math.  So study hard this semester everybody, and you can help boost the rankings for both districts.

Curious about the Top Ten school districts in Texas?  Seven are in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.  Two are in Austin.  And the #1 ranked district is near McAllen.

Here they are:

  1. South Texas Independent School District - Mercedes
  2. Eanes Independent School District - Austin
  3. Highland Park Independent School District - Dallas
  4. Carroll Independent School District - Southlake
  5. Coppell Independent School District - Coppell
  6. Allen Independent School District - Allen
  7. Plano Independent School District - Plano
  8. Frisco Independent School District - Frisco
  9. Lake Travis Independent School District - Austin
  10. Prosper Independent School District - Prosper

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