Twitter forces you to make your intentions and messages clear by limiting you to using 140 characters or less, but after a decade, that could soon change.

CEO Jack Dorsey sent out a tweet yesterday consisting of more than 1,300 characters.

Twitter is trying to attract a greater audience share and more users by offering users the capability to add more information to their messages much like Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms.

The company has been exploring the thought of expanding beyond the 140-character limit and Dorsey demonstrated that yesterday. He says he and his company are trying to give people more room to express themselves because they have noticed that users are already screen shotting longer texts and posting them in their tweets.

But, at the same time they are wrangling with losing their uniqueness among other social media platforms.

One of the driving factors to move Twitter beyond the 140-character limit, which is considered sacred among some Twitter users, is the almighty dollar. Shareholders are seeking to get bigger returns on their investments as the price of the company's stock has slid quite a bit lately.

News of lifting the 140 character limit broke yesterday with an investigative report from re/code stating the company has a plan to launch the improvements by the end of Q1, but Dorsey does not acknowledge the report from re/code.

According to the report, the company is still in the design phase and trying to figure out what your timeline will look like if they make this change because they don't want it to appear to you as cluttered with images and loads of text.

Other things being considered are spamming issues, the number of mentions you can make in a tweet and other issues.