If someone from outside of the Tyler area were to ask me about some unique or popular places to visit while in town, there are several spots I could name. Off the top of my head, Goodman Museum, Rose Garden, Discovery Science Place and Stanley's Famous Pit Bar-B-Q come to mind. There's a lot more, of course. Well, a travel website, I'm assuming, came through Tyler and decided to give it's list of the "31 Best & Fun Things To Do In Tyler, Texas." The list was pretty good except for one weird entry that I've never seen on a list like this before.

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I've lived in East Texas my entire life. Born and raised in Lindale, moved to Tyler 20 plus years ago. There's lots of great spots I could tell a newcomer to visit. Those spots would range from restaurants to museums to fun activities for the kids and family. Even with Tyler lacking in some areas, there's still plenty to keep us or visitors busy.

31 Best & Fun Things To Do In Tyler, Texas

That is the headline for this writeup from the website busytourist.com. Its a great list featuring stops like the Tyler Rose Garden, Caldwell Zoo, Tyler State Park, Tyler Museum of Art and many more. You can't really argue against the list they compiled.

So what's the big deal about this list?

The big deal is when you get to number 27 of those 31 things to do. This website gives a glowing review of the Apache Drive-In Theatre.

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Yes, Tyler's dirty little secret that's been around for I know my entire life (I'm 44 years old at the time of this writing) on Highway 31 heading towards Kilgore. Some of the highlights of this website's write up include:

  • "classic drive-in theater"
  • "fun joint that only screens explicit movies"
  • "enticing option for couples"
  • "secluded nature of the Apache Drive-In Theater feels a little threatening at first"
  • "the simplicity of the dirt parking lots and the wear-and-tear of the dim screen are part of its charm"

It almost makes you want to load up the whole family and head out there. I'll leave a link to their article in the red box below so you can read their full thoughts on, as we natives call it, The Apache. Their list is actually really good. It just takes you by surprise that this stop would make their list.

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