Marion Collins was a devoted mom and wife - a family living the American dream.  She had a good job, loving family, and friends who loved her dearly.  However, Marion’s life was tragically cut short when she was involved in a three-car accident in Gladewater, TX on Monday, April 10th at the young age of 37.

I wanted to reach out to Marion’s husband, Daniel, and we connected via Facebook. He told me:

This is truly the hardest thing we've ever been though in my life.   We serve a mighty God! I just can't wait to see my sweet Marion again!

Also injured in the accident was their 5-year-old daughter, Sophie who suffered two broken legs, and a broken collar bone which required surgery.  Daniel assured me that Sophie’s surgery was a success and she is recovering, but she is struggling because she misses her mom and her older brother is missing her as well.

Despite the tragedy the Collins family is enduring, strong faith in God is pulling them together.  Sophie recorded a beautiful video singing a gospel song from The Isaac’s “Keep Breathing” which has gone viral reaching over 14,000 views.

The lyrics Sophie is singing are:

"Keep feeling
Keep trying
Keep praying
Keep rising
When you can't stand the pain inside and all you wanna do is die
You barely feel your broken heart beating,
Keep breathing"

The family does not have insurance to cover the medical and funeral expenses so A Go Fund Me Page has been established and any help would be greatly appreciated.

falcon1961, Flickr
falcon1961, Flickr

Daniel, I just want you to know that the our family here is grieving with you and our prayers and condolences are with you in this time of sorrow.  Also, we wish Sophie a speedy recovery. God Bless.

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