Whether you trick-or-treat or stay home to monitor the door, your pup needs a costume. If your pet is a diva, he or she will love the extra attention. If they look annoyed all night, sometimes that makes it even funnier.  We rounded up ideas for DIY dog costumes, attire you still have time to order from Amazon and costumes available from local retailers.

Costumes You Can Order Online

Amazon has a huge selection of costumes for dogs of all sizes. Here are a few of our faves:

  • Lion -- Your pup will be the mane attraction at your Halloween bash in this lion mane wig. At $13.58 it's an affordable way to turn Fido into the king of the jungle.
  • Raptor -- Turn puppy into a ferocious dinosaur for nonstop laughs. This costume has a foam headpiece and says its easy to put on and take off. The same seller advertises Stegosaurus and Triceratops costumes for dogs.
  • Superman -- If your dog won't tolerate more elaborate costumes, this one fits like a T-shirt and has a detachable cape.
  • Bantha -- This super cute costume makes your pet look like the large hairy mammals with spiral horns Star Wars raiders rode. Be sure to read the reviews, since some owners say sizing was off for their breed.

DIY Dog Costumes 2018

If you're crafty, making your pet's costume adds to the fun. There are a ton of ideas online, but we tried to stick to the ones that were fairly simple and inexpensive.

Space Dog -- Spray paint two empty 2-liter or water bottles silver. Download a free printable NASA logo. Duct tape the water bottles to your dog's harness with the opening end pointed toward their tail. Use the duct tape again to add yellow, orange and red paper "flames." Secure the NASA logo to the water bottle rocket tanks.

Cereal Killer -- If you have a small dog, turn an empty cereal box into a costume. Cut four holes for legs and ease your pup inside. Attach the handle of a play knife with your hot glue gun and paint on a little red "blood." It's quick, easy and your friends will appreciate the pun.

Pineapple -- Grab a sharpie, a yellow dog T-shirt, your hot glue gun and some green felt. Draw criss-cross lines on the yellow shirt and fashion a hat from the felt with these instructions. 

DIY costumes don't have to be complex. Add a tiara and tutu to make your pet a ballerina princess. Use white costume makeup to add spots and turn your brown dog into a fawn. Tie a black fabric cape around Rex's neck, add a red scarf and eyeglasses and you get Harry Potter.

Dog Costumes in East Texas

If you get down to the wire and you don't have time to wait on the mail or if you're not sure about sizing, costumes are available locally. Wal-Mart stores in Tyler and Longview have hot dog, witch, angel and superhero costumes. Petco in Tyler has cute pumpkin, Star Wars and other options. PetSmart in Longview is currently carrying super cute shark, elephant and Halloween taco costumes.

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