MTV may not play music videos anymore, but Fall Out Boy haven't forgotten about the art of adding a compelling visual component to a song. In fact, they've filmed a video for every track on their latest album, 'Save Rock and Roll' -- and the newest clip features a cameo from Tommy Lee as Satan.

The Motley Crue drummer might seem like sort of a strange bedfellow for the platinum-selling pop-punk band, but Lee's devilish appearance is totally of a piece with the rest of the video series, which is being called 'The Young Blood Chronicles' and enters its eighth installment with the clip Lee stars in, 'Death Valley.' This video includes everything from bloody dismemberment to donuts and malt liquor -- and as bassist Pete Wentz told MTV earlier this year, it's all part of the band's big plan.

"We know how the story ends and we have rough idea of what happens in between," he explained. "Some of it will probably be made up, [we'll add] some wild animals and stuff getting lit on fire -- you know, a basic guide to curing teenage suburban boredom." Wentz added that the band was inspired by 'Electroma,' a short film released by Daft Punk, saying they responded to "the idea of the deceit within each of us that we have to uncover in the search for who we truly are."

If you like what you see in the above 'Death Valley' clip, you can check out the entire 'Young Blood Chronicles' on YouTube.