To be completely honest I don’t know a lot about the Canadian icon when it comes to donuts and coffee Tim Hortons. The only thing I have heard about their donuts and very popular donut holes known as “Timbits” is that they are good. How will they stack up against the rest of the donut stores in Texas only time will tell, but it sounds like we will find out soon as Tim Hortons is looking to open more than 40 stores in Texas, most specifically in the Austin area.  

Tim Hortons is already in the state of Texas, according to KVUE there are two locations that are already serving up the donuts and coffee and both of them are in Houston but it’s clear that they want to expand and want to do so quickly. But the state of Texas isn’t the only place that Tim Horton’s is looking to expand they are also wanting to grow within Florida and Georgia. 

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Tim Horton’s is Looking for Franchisees 

If you’ve ever wanted to open your own business, this might be the perfect opportunity for you as Tim Horton’s is looking for franchisee stores. As mentioned above their hope is to open 40 to 50 locations near the Austin area over the next five years. You can get more details about opening a location on their website. 

Do You Think Texans Will Love Tim Horton’s? 

Canadians love their Tim Horton’s; do you expect the same reaction with Texans as more locations open their doors? It will be interesting to see if people start loving Tim Horton’s as much as the Texas icons Buc-ee's or Whataburger.  

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