Scrolling through TikTok I found something pretty hilarious. What if Texas Cities had a dress code?

There’s always a little bit of truth in a “just kidding,” right? Like that, I have found there to be some accuracy to these videos illustrating how guys dress in various cities across Texas.

TikTok creator, Not Travis, has shown several cities in an eight part series. He dresses the part for each one and sometimes includes props, as seen in his Tyler, TX Dress Code.

Let’s start with Major Cities and work our way to Tyler, which is found in part 6.

He starts with Dallas. He’s dressed in a sharp navy suit with a royal blue tie, and great shoes. I’d say that’s pretty accurate. Next he shifts west to Fort Worth. Is anyone surprised to see him as a cowboy representing “cow town?” I wasn’t.

Austin is more like a hippy cowboy, am I right? Headed south to San Antonio next, and he’s a sharp dressed cowboy with a bolero. Oh, and Houston is hilarious. He’s dressed in sweatpants with a long sleeved t-shirt, beanie and hiking boots.

He continues his series with part 2 featuring Lubbock, Corpus Christi, Waco, Midland, and El Paso.  You’ll recognize the Texas Tech fan and the oil field worker in Midland along with surprises as well.

In Part 3, you’ll see Abilene, San Marcos, Round Rock, College Station, and Amarillo. Again some props will keep you laughing, because of the accuracy.

Part 4 features Wichita Falls, Galveston, Arlington, The Woodlands, and Laredo. I totally get Galveston and Arlington, but I’m not following the Woodlands reference.

In Part 5 we see Denton, Garland, Plano, Killen / Fort Hood, and upon seeing many requests for it, he goes on location for the Rio Grande Valley.

We hit home for us in Part 6. He begins with Frisco, before featuring our own Rose City complete with a long stem red rose, cowboy hat, boots, shorts and a t-shirt. Accurate? Hmmm…. Yeah, maybe. Then he heads to New Braunfels, Odessa, and finally Dripping Springs - complete with two looks!

Part 7 includes McKinney, Katy, Nacogdoches, Paris and some additional humor for Huntsville, where a state prison is located.

Finally, Part 8 includes Texarkana, Texas City, San Angelo, Waxahachie, and with a request for Oklahoma towns he dresses in a black trash bag with an OU logo and calls it Norman Oklahoma.

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