Remember the dress? Trying to decide whether #thedress was blue or gold tore the internet up awhile back. Now it's this shoe!

Which nail polish matches? Don't roll your eyes guys. What's important to your wife is important to you.

@totallymendes asked her followers on Wednesday, "Which color [of nail polish] matches the shoes the best?" And then the frenzy!

At first glance I'd say the one on the right. But then I cover that one up and look again, and maybe the one of the left is better.

Maybe @totallymendes can't go wrong with either one and it doesn't matter, and we should be trying to solve the world's problems instead of worrying about these things.

No, that would be silly!

Part of the problem is, all of us have different monitors and every shade of everything looks a little different. And then add in all the tricks our eyes play on us when it comes to color, and we have the makings of a cyber argument that will never be settled.

But we will try.

So forget trying to solve the world's problems for now and dumb it down. Which color matches best?

Have a great weekend!