This Austin Airbnb is truly one of a kind. If you've ever had the hankering to stay the night in a "giant seashell unicorn" then this spot will be right up your alley. Add the Bloomhouse to your bucket list, and start saving your skrilla, because a single night in this bad boy is not cheap.

A night in the Bloomhouse will run you approximately $730, with a two-night minimum stay, but my goodness, it's incredible! Before taxes and fees, you're looking at $1780 for a stay in this luxurious, tripped-out, extraordinary home. It's honestly hard to put into words. It's just that crazy. The Airbnb reviews from former guests give it a nearly perfect score.

The house was originally built back in the 70s by two architecture students from UT and was restored and rejuvenated by its new owner in 2017. It's truly magical. Check out this huge gallery below and try not to drool.

This Seriously Has To Be The Most Incredible Airbnb In All Of Texas

You're in for a wild ride at the Bloomhouse.

What do you think? I'm checking my bank account and hoping for a miracle. Can you imagine going to a music festival in Austin and then retiring to the Bloomhouse at the end of the night? Actually, on second thought, screw the music festival! I'd spend every waking second absorbing my stay in the Bloomhouse. I'm already trying to talk my boyfriend into splurging on a vacation there this summer. Who needs a cruise when you can stay somewhere this unique? Amazing.

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