And people say women have a shoe obsession. A new San Antonio Spurs player (just traded from Portland) is building a separate house to hold all of his shoes.

LaMarcus Aldridge is the newest member of the San Antonio Spurs, and just bought a house in his hometown of Dallas. He told CBS Sports he has about a hundred pairs of shoes inside his closet in the house, but things started spilling over and now he's building a separate house in the backyard behind the big house, and the little house will hold more shoes.

He says it will be kind of a showroom for the sneakers.

Does he realize if he wears one pair of shoes per day and he has a hundred and fifty pairs, that he will only wear each pair about twice a year?

My kiddos get one pair of tennis shoes for the school year and they're expected to put those things on every day and wear them the heck out. I'd like to build a separate house for their toys, but that's another matter entirely.

LaMarcus has one son, and he'll probably have more than one pair of sneakers this school year, and that's cool. His dad is an NBA star and it would probably look weird if 5-year old Jaylen had bad, worn out shoes.

If you're a guy with more pairs of shoes then LaMarcus Aldridge, reveal yourself! Otherwise we'll assume he's the only dude in Texas with that many.

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