Family Feud continues to push the limits of outlandish answers from its contestants.

The latest example? It comes from a gentleman named Kevin, who's asked by host Steve Harvey, "Tell me the last thing you stuck your finger in." Kevin's response: "My wife."


That turns the audience into Def Comedy Jam frenzy. And, yes, it's a pretty dirty answer, but, come on, when you ask a question that loaded with innuendo, you're going to get a response like this.

And Kevin's family loves it. His wife -- the object of his answer and subject of some questionable finger locating -- gives him a high-five and the rest of the family gives the obligatory "Good answer" that they have to give even when everyone knows it's a terrible one.

Harvey certainly loved it, even going so far as to call it "my favorite answer of all time."

We don't know if Kevin's family won, but if they did, we can only imagine the celebration he and his wife enjoyed. And maybe it's better we don't try to imagine it.

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