Couples who tie the knot at Whataburger are just Texas cool.  There's no other way to describe them.  And this is your chance to join the club, and have the most memorable wedding ever.  

Our beloved Whataburger announced recently that six lucky couples will have the chance to tie the knot under the big orange and white "W" this Valentine's Day.  The winning couple can get married or renew their vows, depending on the situation.

The Whatawedding will include a Whataburger meal, photographer, a few guests, orange and white decorations and someone to officiate the wedding.  Couples have to bring the marriage license and the rings because Whataburger doesn't happen to stock those.

Whataburger will have the wedding ceremonies in six Texas cities, including Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, College Station and, of course, the flagship location in Corpus Christi.  If you win, it will totally be worth the road trip.

Just go to to apply, and share a 500-word essay on your love story and why you want to get married at Whataburger. You might have to elaborate and say more than "Because it's Texas cool."  We all know it is.

One lucky couple gets $5000 toward a honeymoon too.  Oh, this could be good.  If the wedding is at Whataburger, maybe we can have a grand honeymoon at Buc-ee's.  We've always wanted to have $5000 to spend on Beaver Nuggets, beef jerky, and yard art anyway, and this presents the perfect opportunity.

If you win one of the Whataweddings, send pics!  We want to share this momentous occasion with you.  You'll have one of the most memorable weddings ever, and you could even wear Whataburger cowboy boots at the ceremony.  Seriously, they exist.

We love Texas for so many reasons, and Whataburger is one of them.  Oh, and if you get married there, you'll be able to eat Taquitos for every anniversary to celebrate.  This will be fun.

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